Welcome! My name is Roger Vaughn, I'm the designer and artist behind bugeyefly. I began hammering out (I'm choosing my words deliberately) my creative interests as a musician many years ago, then moved later into painting and all the other good stuff. My interests have been fairly consistent down the years though, irrespective of the medium. I've explored improvisation, the interplay between chaos and structure, chance and accidents, but I've approached all of them in a variety of ways and using a variety of tools. In my very latest work I've started using photography and video too.  

I like to welcome noise, smudges, accidents and chaos into my personal work because I find that they enrich it more often than not. I also like to find awkward or unusual problems and figure out the right methods to tackle them. When it comes to patterns and surface design, I can use my approach to turn out a pretty wide range of work, from dangerously wild to relatively formal and restrained. I freely admit that hints of things breaking loose are visible in most of my work, though. If there's one line to sum up my style, that's it.

I work in partnership with the delightful Hunt & Gather studio, through whom you can purchase my pattern work.  Lots of beautiful work over there, from many great designers, so please go and take a look if you're interested. I have experience with developing work in partnership with studios for the apparel and homewares markets and can assist you in developing custom designs. I can also help you out with repeats and recolouring if you need that kind of thing. If you're looking for a surface designer with his heart in modernism, a willingness to delve into more offbeat stuff, and the technical skills to take a project from start to finish, please drop me a line through the Contact page or simply send me an email at roger@bugeyefly.design.  Look forward to hearing from you!