Etsy shop live

Ok folks, I have been busy rejigging all my shopping offerings. It's been a fairly major overhaul. For those interested in such things, I decided to stop using Spreadshirt with an embedded shop here on the site because the system was too time consuming to work with. I'm a designer first and foremost, I didn't really want to get into the complexities of coding in order to customise to the degree that I wanted.

So I've moved over to Etsy, where I find I can offer the best of the products that I was offering before through this single channel. I've taken down a couple of the POD sites but I'll be retainining Fashion Formula and Spoonflower for my fabrics.

Click here to visit my Etsy store


Been a lot of changes going on behind the scenes recently and I just realised it’s been an age since I posted an update. Despite of the volume of stuff this is going to be brief:

Here on the website I’ve removed the t-shirt/apparel shop. I like Spreadshirt, it’s a nice platform, but it’s tricky to make it work for all folks all over the world and I haven’t got the resources (mostly time) to configure a solution that fulfills the remit fully. I will continue making designs but they will be available through my Etsy store instead.

Etsy store? Yes, it is true. I will add the links to my page soon. I’m streamlining operations and moving all my products other than fabric onto Etsy. I have a fair old heap of new work heading to the Fashion Formula and Spoonflower shops soon, much of which I am very pleased with.

I hit pause on the t-shirt project because it was eating up too much energy in the old form. About a third of the way through but I’m going to pick it up again. It will be very different but I’m looking forward to it!