100-day project: T-shirts

So I've decided that now is the time to take on a 100-day project in which I will make and publish a new t-shirt every day. Does this sound like a lot of work? It will be! I have to generate the ideas as well as make, publish and promote them, but I've done a bit of planning and .. well, now's the time.

I tried one before, but ran out of steam because the project quickly lost its appeal and the learning curve was too steep for the amount of time available. I think to really get something out of one of these projects you need time to not just make and publish, but also to assess the work you've done and figure out where to go next. Sure, it can be great to do something small for five minutes each day, but I've found I don't really improve quickly or learn much. I'd create a body of work, but that's all. The time for reflection and learning is just as important as the doing.

It's morning here so I'll post today's design later. 

I have a t-shirt board over on Pinterest  which provides a little context for the work I want to do. Again, I find myself drawn to Japanese and Korean aesthetics: often minimalist and stylish, or playful and warm. High fashion puts all kinds of interesting things on tees too. Have a browse through the t-shirts on Farfetch to see what I mean. To me t-shirts are a punk expression thing. Anything goes.