Men's designs

I've started work on a series of new designs for men. Personally I am all for wearing bright colours as a man, but in the main (it's not hard to find exceptions, granted, but they are still very much that) men's fashion is significantly calmer when it comes to colour.

Rugged is a pretty natural fit for my style. Looking forward to developing some new pieces.


old/new patterns

Click to see the rest of the portfolio

Click to see the rest of the portfolio

The image to the left is one of a few of my latest updates. I'm going back and reviewing work that I did a while ago and updating where I think it will improve it. When you're busy at this work on a daily basis you can progress fairly quickly. The last few months have flown by and the bar on the execution of my product was raised again the moment I began working with Hunt + Gather

It's also firmed up my practice with respect to demonstrating how the product is best used. Flat artwork doesn't always make clear the potential in a piece, but using mockups and mini-bodies can really help to make the point. I test everything on mockups now. This means everything comes in repeat as standard and as half-drop is almost always easier on the eye (there are exceptions; very organised linear patterns don't really benefit, for example, and it's good to know when to save yourself the labour), that's the norm from me now too.

There's a future post on the topic of the power of the imagination, and particularly the limits of the imagination, suggested by the above. I will ponder that for a while.