Day #2 minimalist and mono

Pleased that I managed to get this one together today. Even more pleased that I had time left over to put it into repeat and upload it as a pattern on Spoonflower, Fashion Formula and Redbubble. I really like this style of minimal t-shirt and I've decided I will make a few more designs of this ilk, but long-term it's not going to be my main focus. 

bugeyefly pattern design mockup
 bugeyefly surface and pattern design

Men's designs

I've started work on a series of new designs for men. Personally I am all for wearing bright colours as a man, but in the main (it's not hard to find exceptions, granted, but they are still very much that) men's fashion is significantly calmer when it comes to colour.

Rugged is a pretty natural fit for my style. Looking forward to developing some new pieces.


Update comparison and 'on the road'

Colour changes

Popping a couple of images in here which show clearly the kind of updates I've been applying. On the left, the rather dark old piece, on the right the new perkier version. Biggest change here is obviously the colour. I don't use opacity tricks very much but in this piece it seemed ideal. The motif is a translucent butterfly (tied to a psychedelic trend) which you can see once you've stared a bit. A lot of colour was lost, so I've brought it back to singing vibrancy.

enough is enough

I've balanced out the layout too and of course put it into repeat (you can't quite see the edges here due to the size of the tile and image frame.)  I also made a version with much more open ground and an additional textural motif which added some vertical movement. This was fine but I prefer the final piece here, it has a nice simple all-over rhythm to it, enriched by the transparency effects and pulsing linework. It feels like being enveloped in a butterfly swarm.


And I just remembered what I was thinking about when I made this piece: Kerouac's "the mothswarm of heaven," part of my favourite passage from that book.

alt colours and mockup

Side by side it's no contest: the punch in the new version makes it leap out at you. Also shown is a super-quick recolour and mockup job. Anyone not familiar with Photoshop will wonder about recolouring something complex like this, but there is a way of doing a useful rough version very quickly. For the purpose of testing palettes and making this post, this is pretty helpful. Liking the new palette a lot, will do a refined version later. I'll post a quick video on the technique/tool that I used too.

Trial recolour and mockup

old/new patterns

Click to see the rest of the portfolio

Click to see the rest of the portfolio

The image to the left is one of a few of my latest updates. I'm going back and reviewing work that I did a while ago and updating where I think it will improve it. When you're busy at this work on a daily basis you can progress fairly quickly. The last few months have flown by and the bar on the execution of my product was raised again the moment I began working with Hunt + Gather

It's also firmed up my practice with respect to demonstrating how the product is best used. Flat artwork doesn't always make clear the potential in a piece, but using mockups and mini-bodies can really help to make the point. I test everything on mockups now. This means everything comes in repeat as standard and as half-drop is almost always easier on the eye (there are exceptions; very organised linear patterns don't really benefit, for example, and it's good to know when to save yourself the labour), that's the norm from me now too.

There's a future post on the topic of the power of the imagination, and particularly the limits of the imagination, suggested by the above. I will ponder that for a while.